We created snackpaws with the intention of providing superfood snacks for both dogs and cats. Our goal is to provide snacks that help maintain optimal health at all life stages for pets. We believe in the power of good nutrition and have studied the direct correlation between health and diet for both our canine and feline pets. 

Snackpaws was inspired by many things, but our biggest inspiration is our very own furry family members, Dax and Henny. They have both been exposed to superfoods their entire lives and now that our girl is going on 11 and has optimal health for her age, we know the impact an ideal diet has. Considering all of his gut health issues, Dax has challenged us to become more educated and knowledgeable when it comes to a carnivore’s ideal diet and the direct impact it has on their overall health. Our passion and dedication to the health and well being of our own pets is what fuelled snackpaws, and now we get to share it with all of you. 

We are so thankful to everyone who has supported us in this journey, and if you are reading this, we’d like to especially thank you for your commitment and dedication to giving your pets the absolute best. Welcome to the snack club.


Girl giving a kiss to her dog
“Snackpaws subscription box is the FIRST time we have been able to actually use everything in the box”
january 17th, 2023
Dog with a Snackpaws box
“We've been on the hunt for high-value snacks for Finn, and Snackpaws has delivered”
march 22th, 2023
Give them love, give them snackpaws

the Snackpaws difference

Our snacks are all superfoods, single ingredient, and of course human grade. They’re also all sustainably sourced from local Canadian farmers and fishers. We make sure our animals are ethically raised, without the use of any added hormones or antibiotics so that you can feel good about the snacks you are choosing for your pets.


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